How we work with you

Our team provides the support, expertise and tools needed to nurture and manage communities, as well care for the shared places in which they thrive.

We design practical solutions for the client and project at hand, spanning concept design and development through to project management, launch, day-to-day operations and evaluation. We work closely and collaboratively with our clients and stakeholders to deliver tangible projects based on an understanding of their objectives and a commitment to social impact and community benefit. See our services.



Community Space Health Check

Our custom Community Space Health Checks are designed to unearth the needs of your community and measure how your shared spaces are contributing towards them. Through a combination of surveys, interviews and observations, we gain insights into what is working well and identify areas of improvement. We listen carefully to your property managers, residents, occupants, tenant business owners and visitors, observe and analyse to develop a report with implementable recommendations that address your location’s opportunities and challenges.

Community-Building Roadmap

Something as important as community-building shouldn’t be left as an afterthought. A Community-Building Roadmap sets out a framework and implementable plan that enables you to drive and guide the growth of your community throughout the lifecycle of your development. With your development timeline front of mind, we think strategically about the needs of your community and develop a Roadmap that leverages the unique features of your property, as well as addressing its challenges and opportunities. Your Roadmap will be a key document for articulating your project's community and shared space vision and goals. It'll also outline activation and engagement strategies, as well as the ongoing place management and governance approach.


  • Strategy for early amenity
  • Establish a community identity
  • Research and community engagement
  • Quick response game plans
  • Concept development aligned with impact and purpose for project
  • Feasibility, costings and implementation plans
  • Place and project brand development (community)
  • Develop and implement marketing strategy
  • Launch campaigns
  • Social media platforms and digital presence
  • Leverage place brand independent of owner with cross-promotion and support

Community & Place Manager (onsite/remote)

Your dedicated Sprout Community & Place Manager is responsible for the ongoing wellbeing of your community, their relationship with your property and the shared spaces they inhabit. Their role is to create and implement programs that actively connect people, foster a deeper sense of community and passionately communicate the community values of your property across multiple touchpoints.

As the custodian of your shared space, we can manage day-to-day operations and make sure spaces are active, inviting and community-friendly. We work as an extension of your team on-the-ground and/or online, using event activations, managing digital portals, distributing news and communications. Your Community & Place Manager can be deployed in a full time or part time capacity, for individual buildings, across complexes or development-wide.


  • Day-to-day operations of space
  • Portal management
  • Manage communication channels
  • Programming and event management
  • Social media management
  • Community point of contact
  • Bridge between tenants/customers and Property Managers

Meaningful Activation (events and experiences)

We bring life to any space through designing and producing a range of events and experiences, including community gatherings, pop-up markets, craft workshops, kids activities, cultural exhibitions, movie nights to mini-food festivals. We offer complete event services from concept development, execution, to reporting and visitor insights. Through an understanding of your existing community as well as your leasing objectives, we produce light-touch and one off events as well as ongoing consistent event programming bespoke to your community. Our speciality is creating the local rituals and shared experiences that ensure meaningful face-to-face connection is woven into your space.


  • Events programming
  • Event concept design and execution
  • Project planning and set-up
  • Ethical procurement/supplier engagement
  • Tender and contract management
  • Graphic design and marketing support
  • Data collection and visitor insights
  • Ticketing and RSVP management

Engagement, Marketing & Storytelling

We create and manage platforms designed the engage your community and attract new audiences. Social media, digital community platforms and newsletters are a crucial link for active community connection, which are complemented by innovative community engagement initiatives that nurture local leadership and participation. Through surveys, online engagement tools and a trusted presence we create feedback loops that ensures your community feels engaged and heard.


  • Nurturing community participation and local leadership
  • Community branding
  • Digital platform management
  • Community-focused social media management
  • Content production
  • Community decision-making platforms/tools
  • Crowdfunding and crowdsourcing initiatives
  • App or custom community portal creation
  • Social media and online community management


    Social Impact Reporting

    To make sure you’re getting the most out of your initiatives, we help you to understand, frame, measure and communicate the outcomes and impact of your community/social investments. Through a tailored evaluation framework and process, we produce infographic scorecards and social impacts reports that tell the story for your community for marketing purposes, to present to investors and establish community goodwill. We draw insights from your community through a combination of digital surveys, face-to-face and follow up interviews, which will also help to identify areas of improvement and guide future actions.


    • Evaluation systems and framework
    • Define impact areas and establish relevant indicators
    • Project performance indicators
    • Data-based strategic advice
    • Facilitate social impact surveys
    • Design reporting systems and templates
    • Create content and communication campaigns to bring data to life

    Our Approach

    Great places have something in common: community

    We believe that strong, vibrant places and communities all rely on the presence and success of three intertwined elements. We design our place and community management solutions around these three essential pillars of community.

    pillars of community orange.png

    Ways we can help you start strengthening community in your building or development


    Revamp your community handbook


    Ground-up grant program


    Meet ups and local rituals


    Monthly networking/social events


    Health and wellbeing program


    Boost social media platforms


    Community newsletters


    Pop-up markets


    Community vision statement