Why should property developers and investors care about creating social capital?


Simply, people are seeking places to live, learn, work and play where they can find real, meaningful social connection.

Leading developers, owners and place creators are recognising prospective buyer, tenants and customers’ desire for greater human connection and sense of belonging. We believe they have an important opportunity to do more than target this through marketing or building common spaces - by bringing life to bricks and mortar, and delivering everything necessary to seed true, lasting community.

Facility and asset managers look after your building and amenities, but who is caring for the people inside it? Property and asset managers have their hands full and have a different kind of expertise than what is needed to foster community connections and resident engagement. A dedicated focus on the intangible elements of creating community is essential in delivering a great experience for owners and tenants. This requires experience, foresight, dedicated leadership and ongoing management.


Benefits of working
with Sprout Place

We know from regularly talking to our customers, that ‘belonging’ and feeling as though they ‘belong’ is one of the most important criteria when it comes to choosing their place to call home...We know how important it is to have a place for people to gather – especially the very early residents of a new community.
Matt Wallace, Managing Director of Lendlease Communities (Read related article)


  • Stakeholder engagement tools and content
  • Differentiation  from competitors
  • Deliver marketing promise
  • Awards and classifications (i.e. Greenstar)
  • Creates community goodwill
  • Attract and retain tenants and buyers
  • Value for money

Property Manager

  • Complementary services to property management


  • Add value to assets
  • Track social returns


  • Fresh eyes
  • More than “another consultant” we traverse strategy and deliver practical solutions

Why we’re a social enterprise

Unfortunately, due to many factors our society is becoming increasingly fragmented and disconnected. Research has shown loneliness and social isolation to be a greater risk to public health than smoking and obesity, and is fast on the rise in all age groups. We believe that the places people live, work and play hold the key to individual wellbeing and thriving communities. Our mission is to help unlock that potential. We think beyond bricks and mortar, and layer in innovative activation and engagement initiatives that provide opportunities to connect, cooperate and contribute.